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Master The Mind: Power Questions

What is it? 

Dear Coach, 

If you want A simple coaching system that works every time,
if you are looking to save time and effort before, during and after a coaching session by knowing exactly what to do and say
or even if you just want to compliment any training you have already done or will do in the future, 

then this is the most important page you'll read all year!
Here's why...
Because studies have proven that asking questions is a more powerful way to influence, connect and coach 

and yet most coaches spend a lot of the time talking!

...and with more and more coaches coming online your ability to deliver results fast can mean the difference between having a list of referrals or an empty practice.!

  • Focus more on your clients and what they are saying in the moment without worrying what you are going to do next
  • ​Reduce stress and time researching what to say and do before you work with any client
  • ​Create excited clients that are happy with their results

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”
Albert Einstein

Using NLP & Coaching Principles we developed a list of coaching questions “That Makes Sure You Get Results”!

If you are a Coach, Leader, sales person, or manager... this skill will give you the ultimate advantage over your competition! 

- YES, It will help you to understand your clients deeply so that you can deeply influence how they behave, feel and react.
- YES, It can be used in your personal or professional life; a way to deeply influence how others feel, behave and react.

- YES, It is simple enough for anyone to use yet powerful enough to give you better results than your competition.

Do you have the ability to read a question?  Can you be quiet enough to let people answer it themselves?

The Powerful Set of Cheat Codes To 
Coach Faster and Get Powerful Results

Yes it really is possible to say less and get a better result!
However when you combine questions with our 7 step system - you supercharge your results because we focus on questions that target the conscious and unconscious mind! 
Always remember, everything that you want relies on your mind. It’s all in the mind and it can make it happen.
Make a Life changing decision today!
Questions have been proven by Harvard Business School to be more effective than just speaking at people. 
Questions have been shown the best tool to boost influence, gather information, lead, motivate and coach.

Stop Talking  - Start Asking Today

Here is How And Why We Can Make This Promise; 
My Name is Muneer Al-Busaidi

I Help Coaches Speakers And Leaders Make An Impact Fast
I have travelled the world and learned directly from many of the biggest experts of human transformation.

I am an NLP trainer (trained directly by both co-founders), a hypnotherapist, a leader with Tony Robbins and I have studied a number of other coaching models. 

As a result, i have spoken in over 15 countries to over 80 nationalities and am the amazon international best selling author of Power Persuasion.

I have studies most coaching models and there are patterns - 

This course is going to give you everything you need to simplify your coaching and get better longer lasting results for your clients.

Most trainers, coaches, professionals and consultants aren’t aware of these cutting edge techniques which I have learned traveling across the globe.

In this course, I bring along my years of experience and knowledge to help you Coach Powerfully and Get Results Fast so that you Succeed!

USING Master The Mind: Power Questions you can...

  • Transform Lives - create lasting change easily and effortlessly using the 7 steps.
  • Grow Relationships - understand others, build rapport and communicate clearly
  • Supercharge Motivation -  and tap into your clients drive and remove blocks
  • Understand Yourself and others - by uncovering personality types and reading others
  • Create killer confidence - and tap into the emotions you want, when you want them
  • Know what to ask in any given moment - have the ultimate resource that you can pull out whenever and wherever needed - never be stuck again
  • And So Much More...

Make Life Simple For You As A Coach.
Create Lasting Change for your clients


Master The Mind: 
Power Questions

Create powerful change quickly, simplify coaching and build powerful relationships!

Inside Master The Mind: Power Questions, Here's Some Of The Secrets You Will Discover...

  • The 7 Steps to creating lasting change -
    Without the 7 steps  - you may waste time, make mistakes or create a change that lasts only a few weeks and not long term.
    The steps are designed to build on each other and help you to change anything - for good! - Module 1
  • Questions to Build Powerful Rapport in minutes.
    Without rapport people won't listen to you, trust you or want to work with you.
    Do this step well and people will do whatever you ask, your sessions will go smoother and you will save time while creating lasting change. - Module 2
  • The secret to powerfully influencing others through simple questions
    Stop telling people what you think they should do (this hardly works).
    Ask questions that guide them to come up with the ideas themselves. - Module 2
  • Questions to find out Why people do what they do (and why they dont do what they should do) -
    Stop the guesswork when figuring people out.
    Ask questions that give you all the answers you need. Its like a pin number that opens up results) - Module 2
  • Questions to turn a "should" into a "must" -
    Skip this step and your client will be like most people who "should" do something (but never get round to it).
    When you go through this step properly - your clients will do whatever it takes to get a result and they will thank you for it - Module 3
Your chance to Create lasting change easily and effortlessly using cutting edge power questions is here!

Give me access now. I am ready to  Master The Mind through Power Questions!

That was just a starter. Excited to hear more ? 

This is more of what you will be discovering in this program
  • Questions to create a clear goals for your client or your session that gives you the best chance to get a result -
    Without a clear direction for your session you will go round in circles. 
    When you do this step you are set up to have a successful session. - Module 4 
  • Questions to make people feel resourceful -
    Without this step - people will make bad decisions (decisions from fear or worry are never good) and bad decisions - create bad results. 
    When you do this step - people will feel more powerful more often, make a great decision and have better results in their lives. - Module 5 
  • How to make a change permanent-  
    Without this you may have a client who is happy in the moment but two weeks later the problem is back and they dont think you helped them. 
    When you do this step - you create lasting change and people will know refer you to their friends because you were the person who finally helped them. Module 6
  • How to become a master at asking powerful questions -
    Just because you have the words doesnt mean you will do great (ever seen a karaoke singer)
    Let us show you the art of asking powerful coaching questions that gets you results. - Module 8
  • Questions to Test the transformation -
    People rarely get it just right the first time - and not testing is just careless.
    Think of it like cooking - you put in ingredients and then have a little taste to make sure it is right and then maybe do a small adjustment.
    This step lets you know if you should go back and repeat something to get a perfect outcome each time.
  • Questions that help set someone up for success after your session. 
    The world of your clients is bigger than just you.
    Make sure they are successful in a world where they dont see you and clients will appreciate you forever. - Module 8 Lesson 6
  • And So Much More...

In addition we will teach you - How to create follow up questions on the fly and follow up flawlessly whenever you need to.

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About This!

learning from Muneer is such an awesome experience
He is a great speaker with great content on Influence and Persuasion.

Master The Mind: Power Questions Is For...

  • STARTING COACHES who want to become better, faster and be remembered as someone that delivered results.
  • ​LONG TIME COACHES who want to learn a powerful 7 step system that helps to get faster results, avoid mistakes and gives you more flexibility in your approach.
  • HEALERS AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPY It doesnt matter how you help people - this program is designed to help you become better at what you do - because it helps you build a relationships, understand others and help clients get the results they want.
  • THERAPISTS & HYPNOTHERAPISTS As a hypnotherapist the quality of what you are saying in your therapy is based on the information that you have. Without questions - you dont have enough information. 
  • PEOPLE INTERETED IN COACHING - This system is designed to be powerful however simple to understand and easy for anyone to implement. So if you are interested in helping others - this is for you.
  • LEADERS - If you want to effectively lead a team and coach them to success - the tools here will get you fast and powerful results in your meetings.

Enroll with us today and here is everything that you will receive

  • Discover how each of the 7 steps to lasting change works with the complete online video platform. This training will give you the flexibility to understand what type of questions to ask instead of having to rely on the list of questions. 
    ($997 Value) 

Along with this you also get 4 more BONUSES when you Register TODAY!

  • BONUS #1: RESULTS ACCELERATOR - CHEAT SHEETS lists of power coaching questions for each of the 7 steps.
    Download them, print them and start using them today! These power lists can be accessed digitally on any device or print them for ease of reference.
    Get lifetime access today ($97 Value)!
  • BONUS #2: Digital Infographic Wall Posters. Download and print or keep them as screen savers so that you easily remember steps and how to create lasting change. ($47 Value) Register Today & get this for FREE!!
  • BONUS #3: What do you do with the answers that you get? What happens if the answer is not detailed enough?
    We got you covered. In NLP there is a questioning technique called the Meta-Model. You will be getting a full Meta-Model Formula - so that you are more flexible in what you do with your answers 
    ($197 Value) but yours Free when you join today!
  • BONUS #4: How to ask powerful coaching questions. 
    What is as important as the questions themselves is how you ask them. You can have good questions but bad delivery can spoil everything.
    Think of a bad karaoke singer - right words + bad delivery will be a bad experience.
    This is why I have included a section on how to deliver powerful coaching questions. As a hypnotist I have studied delivery and how to get people to really think about what you have asked ($97 Value)  but if you register with us today, you will get this for FREE!!

We’d like to give you MORE !!

  • Join us today and get lifetime access to the Master The Mind  - Power Questions System. You can have access to the material at any time of the day and at any place. This is priceless and only available for people who come on board with us.
  • 30 days power guarantee - I am so certain that this will transform your impact that if the program doesn't completely blow you away - reach out to me anytime within these 30 days and I will give return your investment - no questions asked!

Total value of the course = $1435


Here is why we are charging only $297

If you think about it, after deducting the hosting fee and the advertisement expenses which have been incurred for this message to reach you, there is hardly anything I earn. 


I want you to experience the power of the 7 step system i have experienced and learn this art which has made such a very BIG DIFFERENCE in my life.

So Let Me Come Clean And Confess.

The secret of unconscious communication

Here is my "Behind The Scenes" Motive for pricing this so low...

I am so certain that You Will Love This so much you are going to want to do my other courses too! 

Think of this like your taster. 

Remember the first time you tried food you fell in love with?
You loved it so much you ended up coming back again and again. 

Plus you loved it so much - you began to share it with freinds!
Once you close more deals - give clients transformations - skyrocket your confidence or get an audience to hang on your every word.

You will keep come back for more advanced tactics, in person trainings and bring your friends to experience the magic.

When Your Clients Succeed - You Succeed
And When You Succeed - I Succeed

Saying that - There is one other flaw you I need to make you aware of...

Ideally you will make the most of this program “Live” - In person,

but as not everyone can afford investing $3000 and put in more money for travel and stay (not to mention the state of travel these days)

Or even $1900 for the live virtual program  

that is why this online version was created so that you can access this at the comfort of your home and at a minimal investment.

This course will still help you learn these powerful techniques. You will be able to save you time, money and energy.

Remember that Literally everything you want relies on your mind. Whether you are talking about your career or your health.

You need to claim this huge discount along with it’s bonus TODAY! 

When you start to implement this in your day to day interactions with people - change will happen. 

Positive changes !

Changes that can help you make a difference in your life and others. Most efficient and more effective.

Better results !

After all, it's all about the results. 

Anybody can do it ! 

With just a little bit of motivation and inspiration anyone can Do It.
Tap into your unconscious mind.
Irrespective of what your specific desires look like, most of us have experienced frustration and irritation at one point of time.
You can use the power questions to take out the guesswork and give you a simple system to use frequently.
This course can help you overcome these difficulties and grow in your life.

Here's What To Do Next

This is only the tip of the iceberg you are going to discover a lot more when you Join us !
Access Power Questions now! You are ready !

This is a life changing experience. Join us and experience the change
Click on The Button below to get started.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing your success stories very soon!

Here's A Recap Of

EVERYTHING You'll Get Today

When You Access Master The Mind - Power Questions

  • Lifetime Access: Master The Mind - Power Questions System ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: Results Accelerator - cheat sheets: lists of power coaching questions ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Special Digital & Printable Infographic Wall Posters ($47 Value)
  • BONUS: ​NLP follow up question techniques ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: How to ask powerful questions training ($97 Value)
  • ​PLUS: 30 Day Power Guarantee (Priceless!)
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